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6Advantagesto Build Core Competitiveness of DeJieLi

Professional instant frozen, making food more beautiful

01 fast [second fast fresh frozen]

   The low temperature limit of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment reaches -196 ° C. When the pre frozen product comes into contact with the ultra-low temperature quick freezing equipment, it quickly vaporizes, instantly taking away the surface heat of the frozen product for heat exchange.
By passing through the ice crystal growth zone at the speed of seconds, extremely small crystals with uniform distribution are formed in the frozen tissue. Instantly locking in the moisture of the frozen product, almost achieving no loss, thus maintaining the original color, flavor, substance, and form of the food.

02 Province [Efficient and Energy Saving]

  The DeJieLi quick freezer equipment adopts an ultra-low temperature anti icing and frost fan, which not only effectively avoids vibration and noise caused by the imbalance of the fan blades due to icing and frost, but also ensures smooth and efficient operation of the fan blades. Thus achieving the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.
The patented high-efficiency cooling transmission system and wind farm design use ultra-low temperature special insulation materials to tightly lock the cooling capacity, which can save 30% of energy compared to similar products.

03 Safety and Health

   The efficient and stable CIP cleaning system adopts a human-machine interface image display, automatically switches various process parameters, automatically adjusts cleaning time, temperature, and other parameters. All operations can be recorded, making it easy for users to perform GMP certification.
The tunnel type quick freezer adopts a lifting design, which is convenient for daily maintenance and inspection of product residues, effectively avoiding potential cross contamination before the product, and ensuring strict food safety standards.

04 Stable [Intelligent Stability]

  The Programmable logic controller (PLC) equipped with the Dejieli quick freezing machine has a friendly human-machine intelligent control interface, which is simple and convenient to operate. Different production process modes can be preset, and different product production processes can be freely switched, ensuring the consistency of each batch of production process.
The tunnel type quick freezing machine adopts a modular vertical lifting design with high flexibility, making it easy to splice and change according to production capacity needs, and is easier to maintain and maintain.

05 Guarantee 【 Kind Service 】

  DeJieLi quick freezer has a complete range of equipment models, supporting customization for different refrigeration process requirements from -18 ° C to -196 ° C. The establishment of cooperative relationships between the company and multiple large logistics companies enables rapid supply, and a professional team can effectively shorten the construction period.
Technical engineers provide a 7 * 24-hour responsive service system to meet different customer needs, adopting a proactive customer maintenance system and quality supervision system, providing lifelong maintenance and technical support.

Top 06 [Strong strength]

  For decades, we have been dedicated to the food freezer equipment industry and have a deep understanding of the industry's pain points and customer needs.
The company has taken the lead in obtaining certifications such as ISO9001 and EU CE. It has dozens of national invention patents, dozens of refrigeration technology patents, and is a national high-tech enterprise. It has independent technology research centers and long-term cooperation with dozens of 985 and 211 universities and research institutions, mastering cutting-edge technology in the industry and promoting the industry towards "intelligent" manufacturing in China.

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  Shenzhen Dejieli Cryogenic Technology Co. , Ltd, established in 2001, located inShenzhen Guangming New District, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R8D,production and sales technology enterprise, and passed the IS09001 managementsystem certification in 2010. 0ur company is engaged in the research and development,manufacture and sales of liquid nitrogen quick-freezingequipment; at the sametime, we also provide customers with an overall solution for ultra-low temperaturefreezing and quick freezing technology.



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