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Pre-made dishes are not fresh and contain preservatives? the truth is coming

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With the hot development of “prefabricated dishes”, everyone can quickly make a table of dishes, and the cooking method has been completely subverted. Especially among young people, some people gradually think that compared with fresh dishes, pre-made dishes are no longer fresh after being frozen and reheated, and some pre-made dishes have a shelf life of up to one year, so preservatives must be added.

Pre-made dishes are not fresh and contain preservatives? is that true?

In fact, prepared dishes are no different from the food we usually eat, and no additional preservatives are added. This incident can be traced back to the production and processing process of prepared dishes. After you understand it, you will find that there is no need to add preservatives, because the use of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine will only make the taste of the dishes more stable and the quality safer.

Prefabricated dishes refer to finished or semi-finished products that are pre-processed with various ingredients and auxiliary materials. Its advantages include saving time, saving ingredients, appropriate portion, and bright taste.


Different from the traditional “quick-frozen food” which specializes in staple foods, pre-made dishes cover a wider range of categories, have richer tastes, and retain more complete flavors of ingredients. Compared with instant noodles and canned foods, which are fried and high-temperature to extend the shelf life, prepared dishes pay more attention to “health”. Through Dejieli’s quick-frozen vegetable pre-frozen machine, and through cold chain transportation and other technologies, the shelf life of food can be extended without destroying the structure of food cell walls and maintaining the nutrition of ingredients.

According to relevant personnel from Dejieli, cooking requires high temperature, which itself is a sterilization process; then using liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine technology, through ultra-low temperature quick-freezing, can completely inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, whether it is finished or semi-finished pre-made dishes, or ingredients, as long as Those that are quick-frozen using a quick-freezer do not need to add additional preservatives, and the taste can be perfectly restored. And it can be stored for a longer time in the cold storage environment of minus 18 degrees.

With the standardized production of factory-prepared dishes, all raw materials must be listed in the pre-made dishes according to the requirements of national packaging standards, so the relevant additives contained in the seasonings used will appear in the ingredient list.

But that doesn’t mean that prepared dishes have more additives than dine-in or homemade dishes. Even the food we buy and cook ourselves often has ingredients together. There are some additives in the ingredients, such as: chicken essence, soy sauce, etc., but we understand it as ingredients and don’t think about additives. Makes the whole prepared dish taste better.