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The “dark horse” of the liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine manufacturer turned out to be it

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Introduction: Quick freezing machine equipment is mainly used in agricultural and sideline products, food production, processing, storage and other fields. In recent years, domestic quick-frozen food has developed rapidly, and many quick-freezing equipment companies have emerged. Among them, Shenzhen Dejieli Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., which has been established for nearly 20 years, has maintained a high-speed development oriented by science. With high-quality equipment, good reputation and perfect technical service, it has become a “dark horse” vane of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine manufacturers!


1. The industry is full of chaos, and he can be regarded as the clean stream of the industry

Twenty years ago, the domestic cold chain system was only an early refrigeration equipment market, which was far behind the international advanced level. Due to the imperfect scientific refrigeration technology mastered by some domestic refrigeration equipment manufacturers, customers were misled about the scientific cold chain system. This leads to problems such as poor quality of frozen products, difficulty in controlling loss, low gross profit, and inability to effectively integrate various resources behind fresh food operations.

At that time, the domestic cold chain market was not perfect, supporting facilities were poor, scientific knowledge was weak, and the quality requirements for quick-frozen food were not high. The domestic quick-freezing equipment market was basically in a blank state, and we could only rely on imported quick-freezing equipment at high prices.

In 2003, General Manager Chen Haiyang, who has worked in the refrigeration equipment industry for many years after graduating from university, made another major decision in his life. , Professional and objective new ethos. So in May of the same year, “Dejieli” was born in time!

After 18 years of market experience accumulation and continuous innovation, Shenzhen Dejieli quick-freezing machine brand takes meeting customer requirements as its own responsibility, innovation, careful design, precision manufacturing, and excellence.

Excellent quality and excellent technical service have won the trust of users at home and abroad. The products sell well in 30 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, and are exported to the United States, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South America, Russia and other countries and regions. The system has stable performance, high precision, perfect quality and exquisite technology, and is well received by customers.



2. Technological innovation wins, perfect after-sales service

Excellent technology makes the start of Dejieli relatively smooth, but the real rapid development of the company also depends on excellent equipment quality, technological innovation and perfect after-sales service.

“Customers have more pragmatic requirements for equipment, mainly in three aspects: excellent quality, moderate price, and good after-sales service.” Mr. Chen said that since the establishment of the company, it has been guided by science and has continuously improved the level of equipment manufacturing. The brand R&D team jointly develops customized research and development; replace the traditional freezer with high-performance and high-quality quick-freezer equipment, replace the traditional traditional freezer with liquid nitrogen quick-freezer, and use well-known brands for accessories, so as to ensure the quality of Dejieli series quick-freezer equipment quality.

In the process of contacting with customers, Mr. Chen constantly innovated. Once he went to a customer company to do service follow-up research. When he came to the production line, he found that in order to monitor the freezing effect of the product, the operators had to manually measure the temperature of the product out of the warehouse at intervals, and adjust the equipment parameters according to the measurement results. Soon after, the Dejieli brand added intelligent detection equipment to the liquid nitrogen quick freezer to give real-time feedback on the product temperature. This improvement was well received by customers.

In order to ensure the quality of product installation, Dejieli quick-freezing equipment does not use outsourced personnel. All installation personnel are company employees, and they are responsible for the end in one stop, avoiding possible buck-passing during multi-party operations and affecting customer use. In terms of after-sales service, according to the contract, the warranty period is one year, but in actual operation, General Manager Chen Haiyang said that as long as customers have needs, we will do our best to deal with them.

“If you are anxious about what the customer is anxious about, even if you suffer a small loss, then if the customer has a purchasing need, they will think of Dejieli first.” Mr. Chen said with a smile.



3. Select potential customers and win the market by word of mouth

The rapid development of Dejieli quick-freezing machine equipment manufacturers has a lot to do with the target customers, which can be said to be a good interpretation of the phrase “developing in the cracks”.

“We didn’t choose central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to attack customers at the beginning. We gave up their bidding, thinking that we are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the probability of winning the bid is relatively small.” Mr. Chen said that the company started with developing enterprises, but gained something , These enterprises have a great demand for equipment.

He said that in recent years, food companies’ demand for equipment has also changed. In the past, they only looked at imported equipment, but now they are willing to give opportunities to China’s “smart” manufacturing companies. “We have also changed from introducing equipment functions to conveying the brand concept of China’s “smart” manufacturing. From an industry perspective, we tell customers that if they want to make a good product, they must have good equipment, but good equipment does not necessarily buy ours.” During the negotiation process, Germany Jieli will make classified responses according to the specific situation of customers.

What makes Mr. Chen happy is that people in the industry and equipment customers are now willing to introduce new customers to Dejieli. “Sometimes I go to a company to discuss cooperation, and they will take the initiative to introduce peripheral manufacturers to me.” Mr. Chen said that high-quality equipment suppliers in the industry, including front-end conveyors and back-end packaging machine manufacturers for quick-freezing equipment, also take the initiative He expressed his gratitude for proposing to form a supporting production line with Dejieli.

“The company’s rapid development is inseparable from our positive team.” Mr. Chen said that he is often on business trips now, but no one in the company is in a hurry to go home after work. Everyone takes the initiative to work overtime to catch up with the work in hand , greatly improving the company’s efficiency and making the process smoother.

“Dejieli is a group of people who go all out to do one thing, and don’t want to make it too big. We want to build a small, beautiful and exquisite equipment enterprise, and do every project well.” General Manager Chen Haiyang explain.

Since the establishment of Shenzhen Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment manufacturer, Mr. Chen has been increasing investment in the research and development of cryogenic equipment and quick-freezing equipment, in order to reach strategic cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions and universities, and continuously develop freezing and quick-freezing equipment. Faster, cheaper quick-freezing, more green and environmentally friendly quick-freezing equipment solutions, to escort China’s cold chain food safety and food industry standardization!