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The commissioning and installation of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinet customized by Mrs. Fish is completed

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Guide: On January 9, 2021, the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer signed by Dejieli and Yutaitai Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. has been successfully installed after two days of production and commissioning. The Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezer after-sales engineer team has received word-of-mouth praise from the senior management of Mrs. Fish!




Yutaitai Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in aquatic products, wholesale, retail, processing, canned aquatic products, and fishing. “, “National Forest City”, “China Ecological Civilization Award” and other titles of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone.




Dejieli is a German high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of refrigeration and quick-freezing equipment. The main equipment includes cryogenic boxes, liquid nitrogen cryogenic boxes, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic furnaces, cryogenic treatment equipment, and quick-freezer equipment. , liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine and other cryogenic treatment equipment, the structure of the equipment is diversified, there are various specifications such as well type, box type, cabinet type, combined type, tunnel type, etc., and can be refrigerated with compressors according to various conditions and requirements of customers. The combination of air cooling and liquid cooling achieves low cost and high quality to meet the quick freezing requirements of customers. This series of products have been widely used in food processing, mechanical engineering, genetic engineering, precision electronics, medical research, plant preservation, aerospace, metal materials, animal husbandry and many other fields.



Since the establishment of Shenzhen Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinet manufacturer, it has directly increased investment in the research and development of cryogenic equipment and quick-freezing equipment, in order to reach strategic cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions and universities, and continue to develop faster freezing and quick-freezing. The cost of quick freezing is lower, and the solution of quick freezing equipment is greener and more environmentally friendly, to protect the safety of China’s cold chain food and the standardization of the food industry!