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good news! Dejieli Liquid Nitrogen Quick Freezer Equipment Escorts R&D and Storage of Medical Vaccines

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Guide: Recently, Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezer equipment won the bid for the low-temperature refrigeration upgrade project of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd., providing safe, efficient, energy-saving, and temperature-controlled storage for various vaccines in Guangdong Province, especially the upcoming new crown vaccine Cold storage further escorts the front line of anti-epidemic with scientific and technological strength, and also makes a contribution to the cause of public health under the post-epidemic.



Vaccines refer to vaccine-like preventive biological products used for human vaccination in order to prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases. They are of great significance to safeguarding human health and are related to the national economy, people’s livelihood and people’s life and health. At the same time, since vaccines are biological products made from pathogenic microorganisms, parasites and their components or metabolites, suitable temperature conditions are required to provide corresponding protection during their production, storage, transportation, and use. , to ensure the immune effect of the vaccine.

From a biological point of view, the vaccine itself is a virus, so if the vaccine is not stored properly, it is very likely to cause harm to the vaccinated population. Therefore, vaccines require cold chain equipment with professional capabilities to ensure storage and transportation. In recent years, the country has paid more and more attention to the cold chain storage and transportation of medicines and vaccines, and all parts of the country are also accelerating the construction of cold chain facilities for medicines and vaccines.



This time, Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd. won the bid for the low-temperature refrigeration upgrade project for Shenzhen Dejieli ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen quick-freezer equipment. This equipment is a star energy-saving product independently developed by Dejieli. It adopts new high-efficiency refrigeration technology and has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, easy maintenance and compact structure. It can meet the needs of cold sources such as industrial and agricultural production and commercial circulation. supply.



In addition to the professional refrigeration capacity, this equipment also has integrated functions, creating a worry-free, time-saving and labor-saving mode for users. The integrated equipment does not need external valves and electric control boxes, which achieves the perfect match of the system; one-key start-up and cooling saves time, and no welding of valves is required to save labor; the design of extreme working conditions and the frequency conversion fan maintains a constant pressure, ensuring The unit operates stably and reliably at an ambient temperature of -196°C-45°C. In addition, the unit adopts intelligent linkage mode temperature control, electronic expansion valve precise temperature control, intelligent linkage mode and other control methods to effectively ensure the stability of the vaccine temperature.

Dejieli has officially entered the field of ultra-low temperature freezing since 2014. Over the years, it has been deeply cultivating key core technologies in the industry, and is committed to creating energy-saving, high-efficiency, green, and stable full cold chain products. It serves users in food, planting, industry, and medicine. Provide professional cold chain services to further promote the localization of ultra-low temperature quick-freezing equipment, increase the cold chain circulation rate and per capita cold storage capacity, and provide scientific and technological assistance to meet the people’s yearning for a better life.