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The scale of the quick-freezing equipment industry has reached a new high

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Industrial refrigeration involves a series of processes such as production, processing, and storage in various industries such as energy and chemical industry, food quick-freezing processing, and construction, and is closely related to the process of industrial economic development. In recent years, with the gradual maturity of my country’s industrial economic development, the industrial quick-freezing equipment industry has gradually entered the era of high-quality sustainable development from the stage of low-quality rapid expansion.

Different from the ups and downs of product markets such as air conditioners and commercial refrigeration, changes in external factors such as the epidemic have limited impact on the industrial quick-freezing equipment industry, and the market growth has been relatively stable in the past two years. The first is to further increase investment in industries such as energy, chemical industry, and food quick-freezing processing at the national level. The recovery of investment has led to a rapid increase in new construction projects, which has driven the continuous release of industrial quick-freezing equipment demand; on the other hand, the “double carbon” related policies. The advancement led to the start of a number of transformation projects, which accelerated the rapid growth of demand for industrial refrigeration equipment.

1. The application market has fully recovered

The application of industrial quick-freezing equipment is mainly subdivided into three major fields: energy chemical industry, food quick-freezing processing and special applications. In 2021, under the background of the rapid recovery of the industrial economy, various application fields have also achieved overall growth. Among them, the growth rate of energy chemical industry and food processing is obvious, and the proportion of application has increased.

Food quick-freezing processing is the most important application field of industrial quick-freezing equipment, involving meat, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, milk drinks, quick-frozen food and other industries. On the one hand, with the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s demand for fresh and quick-frozen foods such as meat products, aquatic products, and dairy products continues to rise rapidly, which has boosted the market demand for various industrial quick-freezing equipment; on the other hand, The popularity of refrigerators and freezers and the uncertainty of the epidemic have increased people’s demand for quick-frozen food storage.


In addition, at the policy level, a series of policies have been introduced out of strategic security considerations, and the production and storage of quick-frozen foods are also increasing. With the in-depth implementation of innovation-driven and green development strategies in the industry, whether it is oil and gas exploration, oil refining and chemical industry, basic chemical industry, and fine chemical industry, compared with previous years, they have resumed relatively obvious growth; With the elimination of production capacity, the structure of my country’s energy and chemical industries has been continuously improved, and the demand for new projects, especially polysilicon, lithium batteries and other new energy-related fields, has increased rapidly.

The special application fields mainly involve ice and snow venues, environmental tests, mining, nuclear power plants, tunnel permafrost, coal mine exploration and other industries. Although the demand for industrial quick-freezing equipment is relatively small, due to the fact that most of them are emerging industries and there are a series of policies. Support, all enterprises are continuing to deploy, and the development speed of the industry is relatively stable.


2. Top brands lead the way to increase the concentration of enterprises

Since the market size has been relatively stable for many years and has a certain technical threshold, the competitive landscape of the industrial refrigeration equipment industry is relatively stable and has a certain degree of concentration. As the growth of the industry slows down in the future, the competition among enterprises will mainly focus on grabbing the existing market share.

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3. In 2022, the economy will be under pressure and the growth rate of demand will slow down

In 2022, under the background of strengthening the “dual cycle”, the global economic situation is not optimistic, and the domestic economic growth rate tends to be weak due to the uncertain impact of the epidemic. Judging from the current situation, the number of new domestic large-scale projects is still increasing, but the number of new projects has decreased compared with the previous year. It is expected that the growth rate of industrial quick-freezing equipment demand will slow down accordingly.

From the perspective of industry development trends, the importance of the development of my country’s manufacturing industry is emerging. The “14th Five-Year Plan” period is the key five years to deal with climate change and achieve the “double carbon” goal. Industrial production and manufacturing are promoting the transformation of economic and social development methods. The improvement needs and upgrading based on safety, environmental protection and energy saving will become the driving force for the growth of the industrial quick freezing industry.

From the perspective of demand, various types of industrial projects have slowed down after experiencing rapid growth in the previous year. Coupled with the uncertainty of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, Industry Online predicts that the scale of the industrial quick-freezing industry will be 8.85 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 7.7%. ” The compound growth rate during the 14th Five-Year Plan period is 7.3%.

From the perspective of subdivided application scenarios, my country’s energy and chemical refrigeration equipment will pay more attention to the development of high-end and professional development. In the future, refrigeration companies need to find growth points in the subdivided structural market.

In the field of quick-frozen food processing, the construction of large-scale facilities such as cold chain logistics bases, production and sales cold chain collection and distribution centers, and the special central budget for the construction of urban and rural cold chains and national logistics hubs in 2022 will invest 1.4 billion yuan, focusing on supporting the construction of meat slaughtering, processing and distribution. cold chain logistics facility project. Although the growth of meat slaughtering and processing projects has slowed down, with the implementation of a series of related incentive policies, the demand for quick-frozen food processing will continue to increase in the future.