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Spiral Freezer

Spiral Freezer

product details

Dejieli Spiral Mesh Belt Quick Freezer is blown by a variable frequency axial flow fan to blow the refrigerated low-temperature air from the evaporator evenly to the surface of the product; this special blowing method allows the cold to quickly and evenly penetrate into the center of the product, prompting the product to be released at high speed Fast freezing from the outside to the inside, the taste and quality of the product are excellent. The drive of Dejieli spiral mesh belt quick-freezer is outside the warehouse, which is convenient for maintenance and food safety and sanitation. It is also equipped with an advanced fan system, which can achieve almost no leakage of cooling at the entrance and exit, reduce unnecessary loss and benefit the health of the operating workers.

Key components and electrical components adopt world-renowned brands;
Using advanced air supply technology, it can truly achieve uniform air distribution, high freezing efficiency and fast freezing speed;
Small footprint, wide output range;
Advanced external drive transmission system, stable operation, hygienic and easy maintenance;
Advanced transmission system, stable operation, low sliding friction and low energy loss;
Inverter stepless adjustment, can adapt to a variety of frozen products operating process;
An automatic cleaning system is optional, saving time and effort, and ensuring a hygienic and clean environment;
Advanced air curtain technology, almost zero cooling leakage at the import and export;
PLC touch screen automatic control system, intelligent control, with process memory function.


Device model Dimensions
L× W× H( M)
installed capacity
freezing capacity
(KG/ H)
DJL-IQF-SP650*12T 9.5×7.5×3.2 22 1500
DJL-IQF-SP650*16T 9.5×7.5×3.8 25 2000

The above design is based on the production capacity and technology of individual shrimp