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Dejieli Liquid Nitrogen Quick Freezer – A New Choice for Prepared Vegetable Food Enterprises

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The term “prefabricated dishes” has entered the public’s field of vision in recent years. In fact, it has a history of 30 years in our country, and it has become popular in recent years. Now not only food and beverage manufacturers are participating, but capital, government, and associations are also involved. Other relevant parties are entering the game one after another, and the younger generation of consumers is taking the initiative to place orders or indirectly enjoy delicious pre-made dishes. It is enough to witness the popularity of prepared dishes.

There are many types of prepared dishes, among which Guangdong Poon Choi is a kind of prepared dishes. The origin of Poon Choi is said to have been said that Wen Tianxiang, a general at the end of the Song Dynasty, was chased and killed by the soldiers of the Yuan Dynasty, and fled to Xin’an County, the beachhead of Shenzhen City (then Dongguan) in embarrassment. At that time, Wen Tianxiang landed on the beachhead. The rice cakes that come with it lack dishes. “Fearful beachheads say fearful, and Lingting Yang sighs Lingting”. The local boatmen sympathized with the loyal ministers, and used their own reserves of pork, radishes, and freshly caught fish and shrimp. There were not so many dishes on board, so they had to put them all in wooden basins. Wen Tianxiang is a Hakka, so Poon Choi also belongs to Cantonese Hakka cuisine.

With the development of the times, the Hakka people’s traditional “Fat Cai Poon Choi” has become more and more popular in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao regions, and has become a must-eat dish during festivals or other festive days. Poon Choi is very rich in ingredients, such as abalone, shrimp, squid, stewed chicken, trotter leg, stewed egg, sea cucumber and other high-grade ingredients. It has high nutritional value and no preservatives. Poon choi freezing technology is particularly critical. In order to better preserve the nutrition, taste and freshness of Poon choi, the latest quick-freezing technology is required. Dejieli tunnel-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine can freeze the whole plate of Poon choi in only a few tens of minutes. Traditional Freezing takes a whole day or even longer to completely freeze. Liquid nitrogen freezing can quickly pass through the ice crystal production zone. The tiny ice crystals in the food will not damage the cell walls of the food. Abalone, sea cucumber and other food materials are almost not damaged. At the same time, due to the low temperature environment The growth of microorganisms is reduced, so that the thawed Poon Choi can restore its original flavor and nutritional value to the greatest extent.

In the current fast-paced life, prefabricated dishes with nutrition and stable taste have become the choice of most young people, and the prefabricated vegetable food enterprises using Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine have improved production efficiency and reduced labor costs , under the condition that the cost and price of dishes remain unchanged, enterprises can also obtain more profits by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.