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How to choose quick-freezing equipment for crayfish prefabricated dishes?

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In 2023, prefabricated crayfish dishes will get off to a good start, market consumption will recover steadily, and the industry will tend to be cyclical and rational. “Said the president of a branch of the crayfish industry. In recent years, the proportion of quick-frozen products has gradually increased, and crayfish prefabricated dishes have become the new favorite in the market.



Zhang Yuanhua, executive vice president of the Crayfish Industry Branch of the China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, said that as the impact of the epidemic subsides, dine-in dining in crayfish restaurants will undergo recovery, store efficiency will increase rapidly, and online sales will continue to expand.

“In the future, the sales channels of crayfish will become more and more diverse. Offline small crayfish light restaurant chain stores and crayfish mobile stalls will see explosive growth. With the rapid development of cold chain distribution and logistics system construction online, crayfish prefabrication The dishes will also continue to run wild. In the end, it is the improvement of freezing technology that can guarantee the taste and nutritional value of crayfish. ”


The quick-freezing of aquatic products can generally use three substances as refrigerants, namely: Freon, liquid ammonia, and liquid nitrogen. The first two are the most used, which can be called traditional quick-freezers. Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine equipment is called liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine for short. It is an emerging technology that has only been applied to the field of aquatic product processing in recent years. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing also includes: tunnel-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine, cabinet-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine, tunnel liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine, etc. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology has become popular in the crayfish market in recent years, and sea treasures such as puffer fish, sea cucumber, and abalone can also be used.



Multiple factors such as consumers’ high requirements for the taste of frozen products have jointly promoted the popularization of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology in the field of aquatic product processing. In recent years, the utilization rate of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machines has shown a significant increase, especially in the high-value aquatic product processing fields such as crayfish, puffer fish, sea cucumber, and abalone. With high water retention rate, good taste, and no loss of nutritional value, the liquid nitrogen quick-frozen aquatic product market in my country is developing rapidly, and crayfish is the most commonly used for processing. Crayfish is the most common industry that uses liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment. The crayfish industry is hot, the domestic market is in short supply, and popular dishes emerge in endlessly. Most crayfish processing companies have enough profit margins to use liquid nitrogen quick-freezing. The processing quick-freezing effect is good Also the best.


The liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine has the advantages of significantly improving product quality, and the cost increase is acceptable within a certain range. The current developed cold chain transportation provides a healthy and safe transportation solution for aquatic products from the place of origin to the dining table. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing makes aquatic products While ensuring safety and hygiene, it retains the taste and nutrition of the product to the greatest extent. This is a technological revolution in the aquatic product processing industry. In the future, with the popularization of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment, more companies will use liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology to preserve the original taste of food in the future.