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What’s the best way to store strawberries?

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Strawberry is called “the first fruit” and is one of the fruits with high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin C, cellulose, pectin, sugar, minerals and other nutrients. Immunity and many other effects. Strawberries are also rich in dietary fiber, which helps to promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation. In addition, the taste of strawberries is also very popular among people. It is sweet but not greasy, delicious, fresh and delicious. Strawberries are also in high demand due to their high taste and nutritional value. Especially in summer, due to the hot weather, people need some sweet, delicious and nutritious fruits to relieve the heat. Therefore, the processing of strawberries is also the busiest in summer.


Strawberry is a seasonal fruit, and it needs to be stored or transported as soon as possible after picking, otherwise it is easy to lose moisture and nutrients, and it is easy to be infected by microorganisms and deteriorate. Traditional strawberry storage and processing methods, such as cold storage, vacuum packaging, etc., can prolong the storage time and improve the quality of strawberries, but they will also lead to a decline in the freshness and taste of strawberries. In addition, traditional storage and processing methods are also prone to loss and waste of strawberries, increasing production costs.


The Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment can quickly cool and freeze strawberries, so as to maintain the freshness of strawberries, reduce the loss of nutrients, facilitate storage and transportation, and improve the taste. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology can maximize the retention of moisture and nutrients in strawberries, while reducing the risk of microbial contamination and improving the quality and safety of strawberries.


Compared with traditional strawberry processing and storage methods, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen strawberries have more potential and competitive advantages. In the future, with the continuous improvement and development of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology, it is believed that its application fields and market demand will be further expanded.