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Under the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer, what is the next step for the prepared vegetable industry?

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In recent years, the prefabricated vegetable industry has attracted much attention, and many prefabricated vegetable related companies have obtained financing. According to big data, from January to May this year, there were 5 financings in the prefabricated vegetable track, with a total of more than one billion yuan in financing. Obviously, prefabricated dishes have become a new investment outlet for capital. But in fact, prefabricated dishes are not a brand new track. Facing such an opportunity to attract money, how should prefabricated vegetable companies take the next step?

The owner of a certain company in Changsha said, “Cooking is a multi-dimensional thing. It is difficult to have a brand that can make consumers feel that all the dishes they cook meet the needs of China’s broad, diverse groups of people and multiple tastes. Therefore, pre-made dishes must be To identify your own positioning and focus on one dimension, the target group can advertise their favorite subdivided brands or products with labels.”

“With regard to prefabricated dishes, we still lack basic research. The most prominent problem is to improve the degree of reduction. At present, many of them are still in the cooking stage, and they should be upgraded to the process stage. Through dataization, a stable and standardized process will be formed. The perfect combination of culinary skills and craftsmanship is a problem that should be paid attention to by the national prefabricated vegetable industry.” At this stage, the quick-freezing technology of prefabricated vegetables is an indispensable part of the majority of prefabricated vegetable processing enterprises. Dejieli tunnel-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine uses liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature -196 degrees to make the frozen items pass through the largest ice crystal formation area in a very short time, so that the pressure inside and outside the food cells is relatively balanced, and the frozen items are protected to the greatest extent. The cell tissue of the item maintains cell activity, ensures the fresh quality of the frozen item, and retains the original nutritional content of the new food preservation technology to the greatest extent. It restores the original taste of the food to the greatest extent and solves the most prominent problem that pre-made dishes are facing now. . At the same time, major food companies are also promoting the widespread application of this quick-freezing and fresh-keeping technology, laying a solid foundation for the future of prepared dishes.

Under the turmoil, the prefabricated vegetable industry may have a venture capital myth, but in the face of opportunities, catering professionals and catering companies may choose a development path based on their own characteristics, scale, and goals, and choose better quick-freezer equipment products. Practice more internal skills in terms of model, core ability of creating prefabricated dishes, and improving the degree of reduction of prefabricated dishes. Only by focusing on products will more consumers pay for it.