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Quick-freezing bullfrogs with liquid nitrogen makes bullfrogs more competitive

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In recent years, major bullfrog restaurants have appeared one after another. As a classic dish of Sichuan and Hunan hot pot cuisine, the meat itself is tender and elastic, and the taste is delicious. It is suitable for many mainstream tastes in summer night markets such as Sichuan spicy, pickled pepper, and barbecue. In addition, the bullfrog flavor is versatile. It can be paired with meat dishes such as fish head, chicken, and shrimp, and it can also be paired with various vegetarian dishes such as cauliflower, celery, onion, and twist.



Although bullfrogs have quickly become a hot item in the catering industry, the “pain points” of bullfrog products are also obvious. To ensure the taste of bullfrogs, live frogs must be used. As far as the supply of live frogs is concerned, at present, some restaurants directly buy live frogs in the market, and then slaughter them at the stores themselves. The cost will increase when encountering a large price increase. On the other hand, common quick-frozen bullfrogs have many problems, such as hard meat, poor taste, non-standard products, large price differences, and different quality and size specifications.



With the upgrade of Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen bullfrogs, after contacting the bullfrogs with liquid nitrogen at -196°C, quickly take away the heat and freeze within 2 to 15 minutes, and the meat tissue evenly forms tiny Ice crystals, on the premise of not destroying the nucleus, not only maintain the quality of food, but also prevent the loss of water and nutrients, and achieve the effect of highly restoring the freshness of ingredients. In addition to restoring the delicious meat quality, it can also effectively guarantee food safety fundamentally.


Of course, the cost of quick-frozen bullfrogs in liquid nitrogen is very different from that of ordinary quick-frozen bullfrogs. The cost of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing will be high, but using Dejieli liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine can not only guarantee the long-term nutrition, taste and freshness, but also save the cost of manual slaughter, making your quick-frozen products more competitive, especially for short-term For catering brands that need to expand significantly, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen bullfrogs are more competitive.