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Liquid nitrogen quick freezer

Liquid nitrogen quick freezer

product details

Brief introduction of liquid nitrogen quick freezer

Design philosophy and principles:

DJL liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment follows the international advanced HACCP design concept, adheres to the design principle of “safety first, perfect function, convenient maintenance, and friendly operation”, and is committed to providing quick-freezing equipment with excellent performance for the majority of food processing enterprises.

Constituent modules:

DJL series liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinet is composed of stainless steel body module, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing refrigeration module, electrical control module, cart, etc.

Process performance data of DJL series liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinet:

serial number performance index parameter
1 Liquid nitrogen freezing temperature: Minimum -150℃, commonly used -120℃
2 Liquid nitrogen freezing time: 5-30 minutes, can be set at will
3 Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cost: 500-1000 yuan/ton
4 Body Material 304 stainless steel
5 insulating layer: 150MM thick polyurethane
6 Power Requirements /Electrical System 380V 50HZ
7 refrigerating fluid: Liquid nitrogen, 5-8 kg pressure


Liquid nitrogen freezer specification capacity comparison table

Model Inner cavity size W*D*H Outer cavity size W*D*H Power (kW) Freezing yield (kg/h)
DJL-QFT 400*400*400 1100*800*1670 1 实验机
DJL-QF-50A 700*900*700 1550*1300*2000 1 50
DJL-QF-100A 700*900*1400 1550*1300*2000 2 100
DJL-QF-150A 700*900*1800 1550*1350*2300 2.5 150
DJL-QF-300A 900*1320*1800 1750*1750*2300 2.5 300
DJL-QF-600A 900*1100*1800 2700*2000*2300 5 600
DJL-QF-1200A 900*1100*1800 5000*2100*2300 10 1200


Remarks: In actual production, the production capacity of the liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine will vary due to different product specifications and packaging. For specific data, please consult the liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment manufacturer in order to provide objective and true data.

Dejieli can customize various special liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing tunnels, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing cabinets, and liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machines according to customer requirements.