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Sự cạnh tranh về các món ăn chế biến sẵn rất khốc liệt. Tủ đông nhanh nitơ lỏng có thể giúp phát triển thương hiệu như thế nào?

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With the continuous development of the prepared vegetable market, more and more brands have entered the industry. Brands, large and small, are emerging and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the fierce market competition, some brands have differentiated competition through unique product positioning and innovative product formulas. For example, some brands focus on health, organic, low-calorie, etc., while others focus on specific tastes, local flavors, etc., but consumers’ increasing demand for food quality and nutrition, for fresh, delicious, healthy and convenient prepared dishes Have higher expectations. How to make prefabricated dishes meet the needs and diversification of consumers faces more challenges and opportunities.


In recent years, with the improvement of food freezing technology, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology has been widely used in major domestic prefabricated vegetable brands, such as Andon, Guolian, and Xibei, all of which are using Dejieli tunnel-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machines. The liquid nitrogen quick-freezer freezes the ingredients quickly with its extremely low temperature, which can effectively retain the nutrients and original taste of the ingredients. Through rapid freezing, the liquid nitrogen quick freezer can prevent moisture loss and nutrient loss, and maintain the freshness and taste of ingredients. Brands can take advantage of this technological advantage to produce nutritious and delicious pre-cooked dishes, providing consumers with a high-quality dining experience.


Dejieli Tunnel Liquid Nitrogen Quick Freezer has powerful refrigeration capacity and efficient quick cooling speed, which enables the prepared vegetable production line to carry out continuous production faster. Compared with traditional freezing methods, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology can quickly reduce the temperature of ingredients and reduce production time. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces labor costs and energy consumption. Through the introduction of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology, it shows its own concern for product quality and innovation, and enhances its brand image and competitiveness. By disseminating the advantages of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology, the brand can shape its own professional image and win consumers’ recognition and trust in the brand.


The tunnel-type liquid nitrogen quick-freezer improves product quality and diversity, maintains freshness, prolongs the fresh-keeping period, increases production efficiency, and strengthens the brand image. Prepared vegetable brands can make full use of the advantages of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology to meet consumer demand and gain a competitive advantage in the fierce market competition. With the continuous innovation and application of technology, the liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine will further promote the development of the prepared vegetable industry to a higher level.